Eat Your Way to Happiness

Gain relief from depression and anxiety, experience weight loss, relief from acid reflux, digestive and bowel issues, freedom from joint pain, and other benefits. These are surprising and unexpected health transformations that occur by eating the right foods.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn which foods contain the building blocks of the hormones that make you happy
  • Explore the role of food in influencing depression and happiness
  • Learn how to balance blood sugar to fuel your brain and lose weight
  • Discover nutrition in easy to understand steps
  • Develop your knowledge of food planning so that healthy eating becomes easy

Classroom Session

Lesson 1:  Introduction to how nutrition impacts moods and concentration, and simple ways to boost serotonin.

Lesson 2:  Why we eat the way we do, and how to break out of old patterns and food ruts

Lesson 3:  How to create your own food plans for weight loss, better health, a sharp mind, and a long life

Lesson 4: Putting it all together: How to set and achieve your goals

This course is over four sessions, one per week, which will take place in the Transformative College Education room. Permanent House, Austin Friars Street Mullingar. County Westmeath.

Limited places and pre-enrolment required. €40 fees paid in full

Application form on request…. or phone 087 349 4774

Eat Your Way to Happiness_Transformative College

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