Recovery Education

Loads of classes and activities planned for the Autumn term 2019. Register early as there is a cap on numbers.

Students, family members, and professionals all play an equally important role in the College and recovery education. We are always seeking participants for co-production sessions on a wide range of topics, themes, and areas of concern in mental health. Enrolling now.

Join us in reducing stigma and supporting our community members. This day is for everyone interested in mental health and wellbeing.

Wednesday morning at 11.30 am Living History, followed by Cultural Exchange. A morning of education for all ages and interest. Celebrating similarities of shared struggles and resilience within each of us. Social conversation and refreshments.

The wonderful Ciaran returns to facilitate the Creative Therapy of Art and mixed medium to support wellbeing. Small class numbers to ensure optimum results and enjoyment. Art therapy is a creative method of expression used as a therapeutic technique. Art therapy, as a creative arts therapy modality, originated in the fields of art and psychotherapy and may vary in definition.

Spoken word can express your heart, music can express your soul.” for centuries, music and song has been central to human expression share personal stories of how the creative process helped in creating mental health wellness and recovery.

The Soul of Music course on the narrative and advancement of personal awareness.

4 sessions
Starting at 7 pm

Chillax Fridays Return…

Join us for the end of week Celebration and social connections. Fun, food and friends will join in a wide variety of themed evenings, e.g. make and bake a Pizza, brian teasers, cards night, ghost stories and loads more.

Beginners for either knitting or crochet please bring along a ball of yarn and size 4mm needles or a 4mm crochet hook for the craft club.

Students received their Children First Certification.

Volunteer With The Irish Red Cross.
You can help the most vulnerable in your community today.
New Mullingar Red Cross now enrolling for September.
The Irish Red Cross has 90 local Branches throughout the country.
Contact the TRC for more details and to register as a volunteer.

This is a weekly group held in the college starting from September 2019. All are welcome.

Recovery can –
“The Recovery Self Help Method is a powerful way to help reduce distress caused by mental health problems and nervous symptoms.

It is a special form of cognitive behavioural training.

The Recovery method has already helped thousands of Irish people live more peaceful and productive lives.

The Recovery method can be used on its own, or at the same time as medication or psychological help.

Research has shown, that people who use the Recovery method use fewer tranquillisers, less medication in general, and need less psychological support from others.

The Recovery method is recommended by leading Irish and US doctors.”
‘Recovery’ provides an opportunity for the patient to learn about self-help and to take over the management of their lives once again. In my experience, practice of Recovery’s self help techniques helps patients respond more quickly to treatment. This can lead to shorter and less frequent hospitalisations, less need for medication.

Personal development refers to those activities that improve a person’s talents, potential, employability, consciousness and ability to realize dreams and create wealth. In short, it’s what you do to improve yourself and your prospects in life.
This is a four week programme exploring our own individuality, visualise our goals and planning, our hopes and dreams, and mental fitness.

Dialogue in hearing voices and social change is a confidential, safe space to engage in conversation and share your experiences for a deeper understanding and awareness.
All welcome to attend. Strict start time at 5.30 pm should last for one hour and an opportunity for social chat and refreshments afterwards.

If you’re feeling so anxious that it’s impacting on your day-to-day life, you might need some extra support.

This is a chance for those living with anxiety to come together for an honest conversation o anxiety.

Anxiety is a common feeling that everyone experiences at some stage. It can be a normal emotional response to many stressful situations. Anxiety is also a natural, understandable emotional response that can help us prepare for challenges. These could be sitting an exam or worrying about a potentially awkward social occasion.

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